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SDA laser edge/center finder

3 phase electronic converters by KB Electronics. 1/2 to 2 HP for under $250.

Evapo Rust. Non-Toxic effective rust remover. Try it. We think you will agree.

Jerry E. Howell Model Projects & Kits

Shoot Star Technology: DRO that is HIGH QUALITY and AFFORDABLE.

Geier & Bluhm Spirit levels

George Luhrs Miniature Model Engines

Bob Shores Small Gas Engines

Pulse Jets

Shop Math & software  Marv Klotz

Animated Engines by Matt Keveney: Great Animation of various engine cycles.

How Car Engines Work: Great graphics

Superior Hone Corp.: Full line of honing products.

Sunnen Hone: Full line of honing products.

Cherokee Accessories: Silicone Molding Material.

Elf Aviation: Aircraft training and maintenance

Holley Parts: Looking for Full scale carburerators

C-H Ignitions

Rimfire Sparkplugs

Lee Hodgson

NorCal Racing Expo

Model Engine News: Great site with lots of good info and pictures.

CNC foamcutters and routers:Lost foam castings.

Steppper Motors:Large selection of stepper motors that can be used in both commercial and industrial applications. Choose from a permanent magnet stepping motor, the hybrid, and variable reluctance stepper motors.

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